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ECB was in the market buying a small amount of Greece and Portugal bonds (but not Ireland)

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on November 18th, 2010

Just in case anyone thought the ECB has changed course

4 Responses to “ECB was in the market buying a small amount of Greece and Portugal bonds (but not Ireland)”

  1. William Naphin Says:

    Warren. We know that when the Fed purchases assets it does so by crediting the seller’s account at the Fed. There is nothing operationally that precludes this as the Fed is issuer of the currency. Does the ECB do the same when it purchases peripheral debt? Or are they operationally hindered (political constraints; lack of fiscal union) and thus have to draw funds from the EFSF? Please pardon my ignorance if this has been addressed in prior posts.



    yes, ecb purchases are not revenue constrained. they just change numbers on their own books, for all practical purposes.

    they don’t need to ‘draw funds’ best I can tell


  2. BFG Says:

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  3. roger erickson Says:

    this novelty is now normal

    Cisco CEO: “We believe the public sector business will continue to be challenging for at least several quarters”

    any idea what the time course for affects on stocks will be?
    Warren’s comment really rings true: “Where things go is not about market forces, but about what politicians and their appointees do next.”

    Next guess: kinetics of what politicians [on 3-4 continents] and their appointees do next?
    no telling the details, of course, but they have relatively fixed schedules for acting, though not talking

    can they hold off inducing a panic until after Christmas shopping? (how many non-Christians in the stock mkt now? :) )


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