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next week….

Getting really bad feelings for the next week or so: QE believed to be inflationary money printing but doesn’t actually do anything Gridlock presumed good but is actually bad as it could mean taxes rise at year end Republican fiscal conservatives deemed ‘good’ but in fact bad with their spending cuts and ...Read More

Contest Ending Midnight on Sunday!

Warren has announced new prizes! First and Second Place: An all inclusive (hotel, food, airfare) to St. Croix, USVI Third – Tenth Place: Hotel room on the beach AND some meals included   Not only do you get to spend time with Warren on a beautiful Caribbean island, you get to escape ...Read More


Karim writes: Initial claims fell 21k to a 3mth low of 434k, but the Labor Dept attributed this to a missed seasonal adjustment factor due to the Columbus Day holiday Unadjusted claims rose by 3%, or 11k; the seasonal adjustment factor was looking for a 7.8% rise. Thus, the seasonally adjusted number ...Read More

Living with a deficit terrorist majority

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 8:11 PM, wrote >    >   This kind of talk is not bullish. >    >   If they try to do things too quickly all bets are off. >    Right. That’s what I see as our biggest risk, though 100 billion isn’t all that much, and ...Read More

Yen chart

And a chart this bad has to have all the trend followers max short as well? No one in their right mind would go short into this! (Apart from the MOF ...Read More

Japan looking to weaken yen with fiscal stimulus!!!???

The only place with ‘stimulus’ proposals??? And, they recognize that ‘stimulus’ fights the weak yen??? Maybe been reading my blog??? This could be a game changer for Japan? Stimulus the new ‘currency war’ weapon of choice? Cabinet OKs Extra Budget To Cover Y5tln Stimulus TOKYO (Kyodo)–The Cabinet approved Tuesday a draft supplementary ...Read More

Japan- Govt Seeking Y340bn For Extra Budget

The only nation going in this direction? Probably too early to short the yen, but keep an eye on it… Govt Seeking Y340bn For Extra Budget TOKYO (Nikkei)–The government is looking to secure 336.9 billion yen in a supplementary budget for fiscal 2010 to implement its new growth strategy, The Nikkei learned ...Read More

Pound Set for Pain as Cuts Push King to Print Money

The UK is tightening fiscal policy while the CB is enacting QE. The market thinks that this will substantially weaken the pound, is that the correct logic no. but drives short term portfolio shifting and specs or is QE not real money printing and the tight fiscal is the real force to ...Read More

Old Greenspan Quote

The following is from an interview with Chairman Greenspan: RYAN: “Do you believe that personal retirement accounts can help us achieve solvency for the system and make those future retiree benefits more secure?” GREENSPAN: “Well, I wouldn’t say that the pay-as-you-go benefits are insecure, in the sense that there’s nothing to prevent ...Read More

Fed Financial Obligations Ratio

This includes home owners and renters, and includes rent as a financial obligation. And it’s gone down further since the June data point as the Federal budget deficit remains at around 9% of gdp. The general drift higher over time is probably due fewer ‘no debt’ people rather than people with debt ...Read More