Daily Archive: Friday, August 27, 2010

NPR explains where govt spending comes from

How To Spend $1.25 Trillion By David Kestenbaum and Chana Joffe-Walt Aug 26 (NPR) — In the face of the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve decided to buy $1.25 trillion of mortgage-backed bonds as part of its effort to prop up the economy. It was a huge departure from ordinary policy — ...Read More

U.K. Economy Grows Most Since 2001 on Construction

Right, how can it not with a 12% type deficit? U.K. Economy Grows Most Since 2001 on Construction By Scott Hamilton Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) — The U.K. economy expanded faster than previously estimated in the second quarter in the biggest growth spurt since 2001 as companies rebuilt stocks and construction work surged. ...Read More

S&P Says US Should Act to Protect AAA-Rating: Report

David, Please do the world a favor and spill the beans. Please make it clear to the news media ability to pay is not in question, no matter how large the numbers may get. The US, as issuer of its currency, is not the next Greece, Ireland, or California. Please tell them ...Read More