Daily Archive: Monday, August 16, 2010

Robert Reich’s article

Forget a Double Dip. We’re Still in One Long Big Dipper. By Robert Reich August 14 — It’s nonsense to think of the economy heading downward again into a double dip when most Americans never emerged from the first dip. We’re still in one long Big Dipper. More people are out of ...Read More

China buying euros

China shifting towards euro buying might indicate they want to beef up exports to the eurozone. And China probably knows with the credit issues in Europe the last thing the euro zone can do is discourage them from buying euro national govt debt. Wouldn’t even surprise me if China cut a deal ...Read More

Lowe’s misses, but sales and earnings rise

Negative headline for a slight miss, and 3.8% top line growth and double digit earnings growth year over year. And that is in Q2 where GDP growth was probably only 1% or so, and still looking a bit higher for Q3, supported by ongoing 8%+ federal budget deficits. Not a good economy ...Read More

Valance Chart Review

Link: Valance Chart Review (PDF) ...Read More

average car prices rising

Interesting data point. Perhaps a bit more evidence of the real wealth flowing from low to high income Americans: The proof is emerging in dealer showrooms, where customers are buying more of Detroit’s cars and paying higher prices. In July, G.M., Ford and Chrysler sold their vehicles at an average price of ...Read More