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OPEC June Crude Output Down 157,000 Bbl/Day to 29.23 Mln

With the saudis setting price and letting quantity adjust looks like net demand isn’t going anywhere Europe got by the ‘rollover event’ without drama. German unemployment down a tad and muddling through. Euro solvency issues (slowly) fading with ECB in control? OPEC June Crude Output Down 157,000 Bbl/Day to 29.23 Mln ...Read More

Euro Central Banks Step Up Bond Buying, Traders Say

Euro Central Banks Step Up Bond Buying, Traders Say By Paul Dobson June 29 (Bloomberg) — Euro-region central banks stepped up purchases of Greek, Portuguese and Irish government securities today, traders said, deepening efforts to support the region’s bond market in the wake of the sovereign-debt crisis. The purchases focused on maturities ...Read More

ECB Purchases

ECB purchases of govt bonds for last week amounted to EUR 4 billion, matching previous week and bringing total to EUR 55 billion: Week     Purchases    Total 1           16.5            16.5 2           10.0            26.5 3           8.5              35.0 4           5.5              40.5 5           6.5              47.0 6           4.0              51.0 7           4.0              55.0 That’s a lot of greek ...Read More

PCE/Personal Income

Very good, looks like continuing muddling through with moderate growth unemployment drifting lower in a few months when there are no more hours to add to the existing labor force. Welcome to Japan, Mr. US bond market? Ok market for stocks, especially with Euro zone risk fading. Just China h2 risk left, ...Read More

Warning- massive euro zone equity rally alert

If I’m right about the ECB having moved to support the debt of the national governments as well as the banking system, look for a blow out equity rally as markets come to understand this new policy means the national government solvency issues are over. A muddle through economy is sufficient to ...Read More

EU Daily- The EU is on a financially sustainable path

Still looks like the strategy for Europe could be functionally very close to my proposal, and fiscally sustainable if they continue on the current path. This is just inference on my part- I have no information other than what I’ve read online. The ‘distributions’ the ECB will make will be via buying ...Read More

World’s rich got richer amid ’09 recession

They call Obama a ‘socialist’ who’s taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but the facts show that instead he’s presided over the largest transfer of wealth from poor to rich in the history of the world. GDP has been growing by around 4% for the last two quarters, while ...Read More

Clegg Says U.K. Deficit Cuts Intended to Avert ‘Market Panic’

Just in case you thought the new Deputy Prime Minister knows anything about monetary operations. To avoid the non existent probability of becoming the next Greece they can take action to increase the real probability they become the next Japan: Clegg Says U.K. Deficit Cuts Intended to Avert ‘Market Panic’ June 24 ...Read More


Still feels like modest GDP growth, positive but not enough to make much of a dent in unemployment, until the ‘hand off’ to growth from credit expansion from some other sector, which could be a while. Risks remain external. China has been a strong first half weak second half story for a ...Read More

Comment on EU Daily

On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 7:37 AM, wrote: you seem to be arguing that the fix is in for the eurozone. is that a correct read? Yes, looks like it to me. if so, then your expected rise in the euro could occur sooner rather than later. Yes. seems to me ...Read More