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david walker okays deficits???!!!

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 12:54 PM, Roger wrote: >    >   am I reading this right? >    >   he seems to be admitting the difference between “structural” and nominal deficits, but >   is still fixated on debt/GDP ratios, … Continue reading

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Markets are getting closer to the idea that: Interest rates don’t/won’t help QE doesn’t/won’t help With the larger point being coming to terms with the possibility the Fed can’t inflate, or do much of anything that actually matters for the … Continue reading

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Warren presenting May 5 in Manila

Forum on “A Fresh Perspective on Critical Development Issues”

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China Commerce Ministry comments

Looking ugly. And a trade deficit and FDI not profitable due to higher costs can weaken the currency as well. 25Feb10 RTRS-CHINA COMMERCE MINISTRY SEE NO CLEAR EXTERNAL DEMAND REBOUND -SPOKESMAN 25Feb10 RTRS-CHINA COMMERCE MINISTRY SAYS WILL TAKE TWO-THREE YEATS … Continue reading

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Japan at Tipping Point as Debt Approaches Assets

The tipping point is the point where the deficit spending finally is sufficient to create enough aggregate demand to restore output and employment. Probably not quite there yet. And moves towards ‘fiscal responsibility’ further delay the restoration of output and … Continue reading

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