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EU Says There Is No Plan to Bail Out Greece

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on February 23rd, 2010

The markets are likely to force some entity to write a check:

EU Headlines:

EU Says There Is No Plan to Bail Out Greece

Provopoulos Confident Greece Will Meet ‘Very Ambitious’ Goals

Euro Worst to Come as Greece Hammerlocks ECB on Rates

German Recovery ‘Prone to Setbacks,’ Finance Ministry Says

French Lawmaker Warns Sarkozy Against Hasty Support for Greece

Five Percent of German Taxpayers Generate 42% of Income Tax

Debt Deals Haunt Europe

Greece Said to Have Arranged Swaps With 15 Banks

Greece looks at tougher budget cuts

Greek PM rules out bailout but urges EU solidarity

EU Says There Is No Plan to Bail Out Greece

Feb. 22 (Bloomberg) — The European Union said there is no plan to bail out Greece.

“There is no such a plan,” EU spokesman Amadeu Altafaj told reporters in Brussels today. “This is a speculative scenario at this point in time.”

“I was reading the papers when I also realized that in fact that there is no such a plan,” Altafaj said. “I think that the extraordinary summit and the Ecofin said all that had to be said on this and there has never been such a request from the Greek authorities and that remains the case.”

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  1. Robert Searle Says:

    My p2pfoundation entry on Transfinancial Economics would be of great interest.


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