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Richard Blumenthal on Obama’s speech

[Skip to the end] I respectfully do not agree with his prescription to ‘protect our economic future.’ “I welcome the President’s acknowledgement of the economic pain felt widely and deeply and look forward to reviewing his plans to help middle class Americans, who are still hurting economically. We must enable Americans to ...Read More

Inflation in China?

[Skip to the end] The circumstantial evidence builds that there’s already an inflation problem, politically, probably due to those up and coming kids with the western educations at the finest schools pestering their elders about it. And, if so, when foreign direct investment loses its profitability due to rising domestic costs, the ...Read More

the President’s speech and markets

[Skip to the end] The speech made it clear there has been a shift to ‘fiscal responsibility’ with plans to pay back the 2 trillion in new debt, all well down the road. The spending freeze will pay half of it over time, and the rest from less specified sources that included ...Read More

Tea Party Plan for Dems- Cut to the Front with Tax Cuts

[Skip to the end] Tea Party Plan for Democrats — Cut to the Front with Tax Cuts At Saturday’s Tea Party conference in Dallas I’ll be outlining how Tea Party Democrats can run against Obama administration policies that are counter to both Tea Party and traditional Democratic values. It is the Washington ...Read More

China bank halts roll-over of some loans

[Skip to the end] Lending expansion often follows inflation, as higher asset prices and higher incomes support larger loan balances. Cutting lending as this article implies can set off downward spirals and rising unemployment if domestic demand isn’t somehow supported by enhancing consumer incomes. 3-Top China bank ICBC halts roll-over of some ...Read More

Fed transparency

[Skip to the end] Zaid Reply: January 27th, 2010 at 4:08 am Hi Tom, I had a different read on this whole transparency issue. If Bernanke is taking a lesson from the 1930s, one event that made the the whole banking system shut down was the publication of the names of banks ...Read More

Goldman Sachs trying to broker Greek bonds to China

[Skip to the end] I went to high school with Chris Powell where he was a good friend of mine, then lost touch. We’ve had a few emails discussing GATA. Seems their beef is that the Fed is conspiring to keep the price of gold down, which wrongly hurts the GATA supporters. ...Read More

What losses?

[Skip to the end] From MS: The table below from CBO office shows the banks have already repaid TARP in full plus interest… Even AIG has accounts for only 10% of the total TARP “loss” outstanding. According to the table, the government has a net profit on it’s investment in the banks. ...Read More

giving up on the Fed

[Skip to the end] We’re getting closer to the point discussed a few weeks ago about markets giving up on the Fed. At the time the 10 year was maybe 3.75-3.80, gold had gone about 1,200, the dollar was near the lows, crude was back over 80, stocks were up, all based ...Read More


[Skip to the end] The blind leading the blind. I thought S&P knew better. Sadly, they remain deficit terrorists and part of the problem and not part of the answer for a world suffering from an acute shortage of aggregate demand. *JAPAN’S OUTLOOK `NEGATIVE’ S&P SAYS *S&P SAYS JAPAN FISCAL FLEXIBILITY HAS ...Read More