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Greece – the catalyst on the puke in cash and CDS today was

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on 8th December 2009

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Still looks to me like it’s probably one go all go as Greece guarantees its own banks and should deposit insurance be questioned a general run on the entire euro banking system could be triggered. That could result in the close the entire payments system until it’s all reorganized with credible deposit insurance. Much like the US in 1934.

Greece – the catalyst on the puke in cash and CDS today was
was the S&P action yesterday. The ECB this year relaxed their
own rules to accept collateral to BBB- from A-. This
accomodating criteria will last until the end of 2010. If the
ECB were todecide to go back to the status quo ante in January
2011 then GGBs may not be eligible as ECB collateral (assuming
S&P follows the negative watch with a downgrade).

Greece suffering badly in cash markets (helped by low liquidty
due to a religious holiday in Italy and Spain).In 3Y, Greek bonds
are losing some 35 bp to Germany, In 10Y it’s about 28 bp.


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