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Inequality? nothing to worry about, according to Summers & Geithner

[Skip to the end] Right, as anticipated from the actions of the administration. We are witnessing the largest transfer of real wealth from the bottom to the top in the history of the world. U.S. Income Inequality Is Frightening–And Much Worse Than We Thought By Bruce Judson Sept. 30 (Business Insider) — ...Read More

Tea party address

[Skip to the end] Warren Mosler speaks in Quincy, Part I         Warren Mosler speaks in Quincy, Part II [top] ...Read More

Conference Board/C-S

[Skip to the end] Karim writes: Conference Board survey weaker than expected Falls back from 54.5 to 53.1 with both current conditions and future expex declining Labor differential (Jobs plentiful less Jobs hard to get) falls from -40 to -43.6, near lows for year Cash for clunkers runs its course as plans ...Read More

Krugman in NYT Blog

[Skip to the end] >    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Joshua Davis wrote: >    >   moving in the right direction for sure, but for partly >   the wrong reason…he still misses the point that we’re >   not on a gold standard… >    Yes, very much so. Does not seem ...Read More

FDIC fee proposal

[Skip to the end] Regarding FDIC fees, the smaller the better, so nice to seem them sort of moving in that direction. All they do is raise rates as they raise the common cost of funds for banks, and Fed policy is to lower rates. Be nice to have leadership that understands ...Read More

M and A

[Skip to the end] As anticipated, this will be larger than ever as the only way to be protected as a shareholder is to buy the whole company. And the general risks to being a minority shareholder will keep prices lower than otherwise. M&A Is Back—And May Bring Big Opportunities for Investors ...Read More

billy blog

[Skip to the end] Bill’s done an excellent job on the workings of monetary system. Click on when you have an extra 15 or 20 minutes to go through it. billy blog [top] ...Read More

Value added tax

[Skip to the end] Yet another regressive proposal that punishes lower income earners disproportionately, as the Obama administration seemingly continues to pursue policies that shift real wealth from the bottom to the top, as Europe has done for decades. It’s also highly contractionary as it reduces aggregate demand, and the higher prices ...Read More

Geithner- at best a case of innocent subversion.

[Skip to the end] Appreciate it if anyone can get me a meeting with him. This policy is a major threat to our standard of living, and he apparently doesn’t know it: Geithner Sees G-20 Consensus, Supports Dollar’s Reserve Role By Rebecca Christie September 25 (Bloomberg) – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said ...Read More

Julian Robertson chimes in

[Skip to the end] No comment US May Face ‘Armageddon’ If China, Japan Don’t Buy Debt By: JeeYeon Park Spetember 24 (News Associate) – The US is too dependent on Japan and China buying up the country’s debt and could face severe economic problems if that stops, Tiger Management founder and chairman ...Read More