Daily Archive: Friday, August 7, 2009

gasoline demand

[Skip to the end] Gasoline consumption still showing down year over year, after what looked like signs of a possible sustained increase. ...Read More

CCB to Reduce New Lending by 70% as Risks ‘Evident,’ Zhang Says

[Skip to the end] This looks ominous if not ‘replaced’ by deficit spending. CCB’s Second Half New Loans to Fall, President Says Bloomberg News August 7th (Bloomberg) — China Construction Bank Corp. will reduce new lending by about 70 percent in the second half after a surge in loans in the first ...Read More

Social Security commentary published

[Skip to the end] Social Security: Another Case of Innocent Fraud? By Mathew Forstater and Warren Mosler August 6th — In his recent book, The Economics of Innocent Fraud, John Kenneth Galbraith surveys a number of false beliefs that are being perpetuated among the American people about how our society operates: innocent ...Read More

Clunker Man- new wage caps

[Skip to the end] EDIT: AMENDMENT TO IMPOSE AN INCOME LIMIT WAS REJECTED Wonder what this does to sales? And fraud as well? And enforcement costs would be very high if they try to do that. Also, I’d guess people like Larry don’t drive all that much, so the fuel savings are ...Read More