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[Skip to the end] Levy Recap

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Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index Increased to 50 in August

[Skip to the end] Just enough to keep additional fiscal measures off the table while unemployment remains around 10%. Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index Increased to 50 in August By Courtney Schlisserman Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) — A measure of U.S. business … Continue reading

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India’s Growth Accelerates for First Time Since 2007

[Skip to the end] India the next engine of growth where deficit spending remained high and the recession was largely averted? All they need to do is let themselves become a large net importer. India’s Growth Accelerates for First Time … Continue reading

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In case you thought business economists understand the monetary system

[Skip to the end] Not to mention these CNBC headlines today: No Need for 2nd US Fiscal Stimulus Package: Survey August 31 (CNBC) — The U.S. economy does not need a second fiscal stimulus package, instead the government should cut … Continue reading

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NYC 2006 acquisition of Stuyvesant Town

[Skip to the end] Thanks, looks like we could use a full payroll tax holiday and a lot of per capita revenue sharing ASAP. Pretty much as expected, GDP muddling through around flat or modestly positive, supported by the automatic … Continue reading

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[Skip to the end] Nothing hopeful here: The DPJ won power for the first time yesterday on a pledge to support households battered by two decades of economic stagnation. Hatoyama has also committed to avoid increasing government bond issuance, leaving … Continue reading

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St. Louis Fed Pres Bullard

[Skip to the end] Bullard is indicating rates should be left low until the Fed’s balance sheet is reduced. This would mean longer rates would likely go higher before the Fed allows short rates to rise. (It also shows he’s … Continue reading

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[Skip to the end] Waiting to see if Brown gets any credit for his fiscal policies which in fact are responsible for stopping the slide. As in the US, monetary policy has been contractionary with lower rates hurting demand from … Continue reading

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[Skip to the end] The FDIC gets the funds from the treasury as needed and then tries to tax the banks to pay it back. All that does is raise the marginal cost of credit via a transfer to the … Continue reading

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[Skip to the end] This doesn’t look good: This does not look good US RevPAR declined 16.7% last week versus a year ago, the largest decline since early July Occupancy fell 7.2% to 60.4% and average room rates fell 10.2% … Continue reading

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