PIMCO’S Gross proposes tax increase

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Raise taxes with unemployment rising due to a shortage in aggregate demand?

Just in case you thought the great marketer understood the monetary system:

Pimco’s Gross: Maybe Obama Should RAISE Taxes

By: JeeYeon Park

June 3 (CNBC) — Inflation is likely three to five years down the road, and investors should stay relatively close to the front end of the yield curve where the bond prices are protected by the Fed position of low Fed funds and interest rates, said Bill Gross, co-CIO and founder of Pimco.

“Further out on the curve, anticipate deterioration in inflation, a deterioration possibility in terms of the dollar, which will produce negative returns for those long-dated securities,” Gross told CNBC.

Gross said the recovery is being driven by a $2 trillion annualized deficit. To take its place in the economy would require at least $1 trillion increase in consumption and investment, which would be quite challenging as baby boomers and consumers become more thrifty.

He also said the Obama administration should cut back on inefficient defense programs — and consider raising taxes.