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Yes, thanks.

I just saw a replay of the Obama comedy routine of a few days ago.

It wasn’t at all clever or funny, but sarcastic, mean spirited, cheap shots and arrogant self glorification, etc. and delivered as such. The shots against Clinton, Summers, and Biden- who I criticize perhaps more than anyone- were particularly cruel and tasteless, and unthinkable that their ‘boss’ would publicly humiliate them like that unless he intended to fire them. And the hostile undertone was similar to that of his attacks on the Chrysler secured lenders and corporations with legal untaxed offshore earnings.

The progression is getting worse. Wouldn’t surprise me if he starts losing support from some of the more intellectual Democrats before the end of the year.

>   More on the theme of who could have predicted that a mainstream Canadian
>   newspaper could be on this side of the debate ?

Amid the rhetoric, a profound threat to capitalism

by Avner Mandelman

May 9 (Globe and Mail) —