Daily Archive: Friday, May 8, 2009

Macroeconomic Review

[Skip to the end] Briefly, in mid 2006, I had written that the Fed’s financial obligations ratios suggested that the federal deficit had gotten too small to sustain the kind of growth we’d been seeing, and that aggregate demand would moderate until the economy got weak enough to get the federal deficit ...Read More

2009-05-08 UK News Highlights

[Skip to the end] This highlights my macro themes. Highlights U.K. Producer Prices Increase Most in 10 Months Rising crude prices driving up CPI. U.K. Homebuyers Bet Property Recovery to Be Illusory No one believes fiscal policy works. Julius Says BOE Risks Woes of ‘Love Affair’ By Printing Money Everyone is afraid ...Read More

2009-05-08 USER

[Skip to the end] Karim writes: NFP -539k; net revisions -66k, and +60k contribution from census workers (census workers will add about 75k jobs/mth thru year-end) Underlying trend doesn’t show any real change Index of aggregate hours down another 0.6% and avg weekly earnings up 0.1% Wage and salary component of personal ...Read More