Daily Archive: Monday, May 4, 2009

Redefining full employment

[Skip to the end] Not good. As suspected way back on this website: ‘Great Recession’ Will Redefine Full Employment as Jobs Vanish ...Read More

Follow up to the radio interview

[Skip to the end] Thanks! This supplements the tape previously emailed. White House Claims Head of White&Case Restructuring Group Lied by Tyler Durden May 3 (ZeroHedge) — In a story becoming more bizarre by the minute, ABCNews has now picked up on the Perella Weinberg scent with some new twists. According to ...Read More

Radio interview with lawyer of secured creditors

[Skip to the end] It’s a bit long, but has a lot of information. DealBreaker interview with Lauria [top] ...Read More

Fed swap lines continue to fall

[Skip to the end] Central bank liquidity swaps (13) $250,215 – $36,059 USD LIBOR is down as well. Not sure where the funds are coming from. IMF loans are a possibility, as are direct bank, corporate, and private USD borrowings. But good news as the Fed is slowly being let off the ...Read More

Credit Crunch II?

[Skip to the end] This could trigger ‘Credit Crunch II’ which will be far more destructive than anything we’ve seen to date. In Credit Crunch I lenders stopped lending temporarily for the likes of homes and cars due to fear of falling prices, rising unemployment, etc. Credit Crunch II will be about ...Read More

Re: Chrysler related comments by Professor Bill Black

[Skip to the end] >    >   On Sat, May 2 and 3:48 PM, Bill wrote: >    >   I want to amplify a couple of Warren’s points that the media that I’ve seen has >   missed. To me the key is the internal inconsistency of the Obama >   administration’s reasoning. Contracts were sacred (AIG bonuses). Now, secured ...Read More

Chrysler related comments

[Skip to the end] The point remains that the job of the executive branch is to enforce the laws as enacted by Congress. This is not a time of war, Chrysler is not a national security or strategic issue, nor is the US automobile industry. In fact, Chrysler was already largely a ...Read More

Six minute video by Mike Norman and his dog John Maynard Canine

[Skip to the end] Mike asked me to post this to get your comments. Video of Mike Norman and his dog John Maynard Canine [top] ...Read More

2009-05-04 USER

[Skip to the end] Construction Spending MoM (Released 10:00 EST) Construction Spending YoY (Released 10:00 EST) Pending Home Sales MoM (Released 10:00 EST) Pending Home Sales YoY (Released 10:00 EST) Construction Spending MoM (Mar) Survey -1.6% Actual 0.3% Prior -0.9% Revised -1.0% [top][end] Construction Spending YoY (Mar) Survey n/a Actual -11.1% Prior ...Read More