WB Twitters

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WB started twittering. Check it out sometime!


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3 Responses to WB Twitters

  1. warren mosler says:

    ok this time, dave, but don’t let it happen again!


  2. Dave Begotka says:

    Dudes, I am moving and will be off line for a few days, Warren i don’t want you to think i am mad at you!



  3. Futureshock says:

    Alvin Toffler was right! Good lord, it’s not good enough for you to make speaking engagements and be heard a couple times a month, but now you have a blog where you have to post a couple times a day, and even that wasn’t good enough. Now sada – the taskmaster slave driver she is has you tweeting on a service where we can have minute by minute updates. Faster Faster – MORE MORE!

    When is the last time Sada went and lived a YEAR away from the louis vitton shopping malls on Walden Pond like thoreau did? Turn off the cell phone, unplug from the internet, and just sit in a dusty old cabin looking at the stars all day – can any modern generation X’er do it?


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