Barker Says BOE Should Print Money

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And yet another central banker who doesn’t understand monetary operations…

Has to be a new low for the BOE.

Barker Says BOE Should Print Money as U.K. Recession Worsens

by Jennifer Ryan and Brian Swint

Mar 13 (Bloomberg) — Bank of England policy maker Kate Barker said the bank’s decision to buy assets with newly created money is necessary to prevent deflation as Britain’s recession shows signs of worsening.

Printing money “is the best course in order to achieve our objective of keeping inflation to target in the medium term.” “The downside risks to growth, and therefore to inflation, identified in the February inflation report were in danger of crystallizing,” she said. Barker said the impact of the reduction in the benchmark to lower levels had become “successively reduced” with each cut, and lower rates on their own would be insufficient to revive growth.