Peggy Noonan quote

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>   W: Here is a quote of Peggy Noonan whose WSJ columns I frequently read. I
>   think she sums up the two parties’ basic positions succinctly. Nowhere does
>   she recognize the reality of Federal spending driving the whole economy. She
>   still sees the US Treasury as a kind of piggy bank that has to be full before
>   you can draw on it for any purpose.
>   ”The national conversation on the economy is frozen, and has been for a
>   while. Republicans say tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts. Democrats say spend, new
>   programs, more money. You can’t spend enough for the Democratic base, or
>   cut taxes enough for the Republican. But in a time when all the grown-ups of
>   America know spending is going to bankrupt us and tax cuts without spending
>   cuts is more of the medicine that’s killing us, the same old arguments, which
>   sound less like arguments than compulsive tics, only add to the public sense
>   that no one is in charge.”
>   Uncle D.