Daily Archive: Monday, January 26, 2009

Re: WSJ- States of Distress

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) I’d just give a total of $300 billion to all the states on a per capita basis in which case fiscal responsibility isn’t applicable. >    >   Morris wrote: >    >   Why didn’t I think of this??? >    >   Subject states to the same rules as corporations. >    >   Why isn’t ...Read More

Re: Crude oil inventories update

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Thanks, should be more than enough given the small drop in actual demand. >    >   On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 9:59 AM, David wrote: >    >   Tanker tracking suggests an OPEC11 production of 26.1 mbpd in January, >   compared to the target of 24.85 mbpd, with Saudi Arabia, ...Read More

Something went wrong in July

[Skip to the end] Something went wrong in July. Most of the charts look like this: It might have been the fall off of the q2 fiscal adjustment, the Olympics, the Lehman collapse, and/or, of course, the GMIL (Great Masters Inventory Liquidation). And inventories also took a dive, from not all that ...Read More

Geithner quote

[Skip to the end] Doesn’t get much more counterproductive than this: Geithner’s testimony to Senate Finance panel Jan 21 (Reuters) — GEITHNER ON U.S. DEFICIT, ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS: “It is absolutely critical to the efforts to get the economy back on track that we give the American people and investors around the world ...Read More

Re: fixing the banks and the economy

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Comes down to the fundamentals of banking and public purpose. Presumably it serves public purpose for banks to have private equity capital as a ‘first loss’ piece to ‘protect’ government from loss due to deposit insurance. Either it does or it doesn’t suit public purpose to ...Read More

2009-01-26 USER

[Skip to the end] Existing Home Sales (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales MoM (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales YoY (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales Inventory (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales ALLX 1 (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales ALLX 2 (Released 10:00 EST) Leading Indicators (Released 10:00 EST) ...Read More

2009-01-26 CREDIT

[Skip to the end] IG On-the-run Spreads (Released 5:02 EST) IG6 Spreads (Released 5:02 EST) IG7 Spreads (Released 5:02 EST) IG8 Spreads (Released 5:02 EST) IG9 Spreads (Released 5:02 EST) IG On-the-run Spreads (Jan 26) [top][end] IG6 Spreads (Jan 26) [top][end] IG7 Spreads (Jan 26) [top][end] IG8 Spreads (Jan 26) [top][end] IG9 ...Read More