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2008-12-31 USER

[Skip to the end] MBA Mortgage Applications (Released 7:00 EST) MBA Purchasing Applications (Released 7:00 EST) MBA Refinancing Applications (Released 7:00 EST) Initial Jobless Claims (Released 8:30 EST) Continuing Claims (Released 8:30 EST) Jobless Claims ALLX (Released 8:30 EST) NAPM … Continue reading

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Senate Minority Leader McConnell to obstruct fiscal adjustment?

[Skip to the end] McConnell Urges Caution in Debate on Economic Stimulus Measure Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wants to slow consideration of the economic stimulus package Democrats are drafting, warning that the measure … Continue reading

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Re: Fed investment managers

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) >    >   On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Andrew wrote: >    >   The Fed chose as investment managers; Blackrock, GSAM >   (Goldman Sachs Asset Management), PIMCO and Wellington >   Management. >    More foxes in the hen … Continue reading

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Re: Sector financial balances and fiscal stimulus

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Good stuff, thanks! (Of course, I prefer to say ‘removal of fiscal drag’ rather than ‘fiscal stimulus!’ ) >    >   On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 3:17 PM, Scott wrote: >    >   FYI . . . … Continue reading

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Yield Curve

[Skip to the end] >    >   from: Warren Mosler >   to: CNBC >    >   The long end is higher than ‘equilibrium’ due to the Treasury >   issuing longer term paper. >    >   This adversely alters investment and price signals. >    >   When the Fed buys it … Continue reading

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2008-12-30 USER

[Skip to the end] ICSC UBS Store Sales YoY (Released 7:45 EST) ICSC UBS Store Sales WoW (Released 7:45 EST) Redbook Store Sales Weekly YoY (Released 8:55 EST) Redbook Store Sales MoM (Released 8:55 EST) ICSC UBS Redbook Comparison TABLE … Continue reading

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Re: Fifty Herbert Hoovers

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) >    >   On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 11:47 AM, Russell wrote: >    Fifty Herbert Hoovers By Paul Krugman No modern American president would repeat the fiscal mistake of 1932, in which the federal government … Continue reading

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Sector Analyis Update

[Skip to the end] Euro Area Sector Analysis (Released n/a EST) US Sector Analysis (Released n/a EST) Japan Fiscal Balance as % of GDP (Released n/a EST) Euro Area Sector Analysis (Dec 17)   Karim writes: Euro-middle of historical range. … Continue reading

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China back pushing its exports and ignoring Paulson

[Skip to the end] Recession Opens U.S.-China Rift Paulson Talks Bridged By Kevin Hamlin and Mark Drajem Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — The global recession is re-exposing fissures in U.S.-China relations that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson spent more than two years … Continue reading

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Stiglitz article

[Skip to the end] The Seven Deadly Deficits By Joseph E. Stiglitz When President George W. Bush assumed office, most of those disgruntled about the stolen election contented themselves with this thought: Given our system of checks and balances, given … Continue reading

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