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Crude oil demand

[Skip to the end] World demand still projected to increase. Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on European Bank Rescue Plan by Gavin Evans The International Energy Agency, an adviser to 28 nations, on Oct. 10 cut its forecast for … Continue reading

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European leaders vow Bank guarantees, bid to stop financial rot

[Skip to the end] Hopefully this will buy some time to hope for a general recovery of output and employment that contains the national deficits. This plan is also coordinated but still relies on the national government’s balance sheets. European … Continue reading

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Macro update

[Skip to the end] Here’s my take on the events of the last year: Paulson/Bush/Bernanke pressed a ‘weak dollar’ policy to use exports to sustain GDP, rather than a fiscal package to support domestic demand. This kept the US muddling … Continue reading

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