2008-10-09 USER

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Initial Jobless Claims (Oct 4)

Survey 475K
Actual 478K
Prior 497K
Revised 498K

Still around 450,000 adjusted for storms.

Need another week or so to normalize.


Continuing Jobless Claims (Sep 27)

Survey 3608K
Actual 3659K
Prior 3591K
Revised 3603K

Still rising.

No one seems to know how much the extended benefits added.


Jobless Claims ALLX (Oct 4)


Wholesale Inventories MoM (Aug)

Survey 0.4%
Actual 0.8%
Prior 1.4%
Revised 1.5%


Wholesale Inventories YoY (Aug)

Survey n/a
Actual 11.1%
Prior 10.8%
Revised n/a


Wholesale Inventories ALLX 1 (Aug)


Wholesale Inventories ALLX 2 (Aug)