Quick update

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(an email sent late this afternoon)

Hi all!

Sorry for this impersonal mass email- would have liked to do each individually.

I’m in Cleveland now, scheduled to get my mitral valve repaired Monday (aka heart surgery).

If so, should be back in this hotel room by Thursday, and home over the weekend. I’ve always had a mitral valve prolapse and at my physical last year testing showed that sometime in the last several years it has deteriorated some and should be repaired before it got worse.

Unfortunately the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in Miami last year never mentioned this was happening, and if I hadn’t insisted on them forwarding my records for my personal physician Steve Martyak to check out (which took over 6 months) I still wouldn’t know what was going on.

The doc assigned to me here is more than concerned over what happened and is doing what he can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I have another test tomorrow, then a consultation Friday with a Dr. Sapik who is scheduled to do the actual surgery.

Will keep you all posted as to any progress/changes.

thanks in advance, no need to respond!